The membership of the governing body of Mary Rose Academy is determined by the Constitution.

There are four types of governors:

  • 5 Co-opted Governors
  • 4 Parent Governors
  • 3 Staff Governors
  • 5 Associate Members

Co-opted and Parent Governors are all volunteers who are not paid and do not receive any expenses in connection with being a governor.  The staff governors are all paid members of staff but do not receive any additional payments in connection with being a governor. 

The associate members are all members of staff (the Head of School, three Assistant Heads and the Business Operations Director) who are appointed because of the jobs they do.  They attend meetings to help the Governors with information but they cannot vote on any matter at any meeting.  They do not receive any additional payments in connection with their work for the governors. 

There is also a Clerk to the Governors who arranges and attends meetings and helps with legal and constitutional matters, but cannot vote on any matter at any meeting. This is a paid post.

Statutory information about the governors can be found in this PDF.

Each governor, in addition to attending meetings and making general visits to Mary Rose Academy, is allocated an overview of specific aspects of the work of the Academy, as shown in this table:

Area of Responsibility Governor Staff
Training Liaison  Mark Mitchell Neil Kefford
SEN Governor All Governors (Mary Ive leads on SEN) Annie Williams
Pupil progress and achievement Hazel Mellers Neil Kefford
Teaching and Learning Leone Hill Annie Williams
Behaviour and Safety (including safeguarding and looked-after children) Mark Mitchell Sally Rogers
Leadership and Development Alistair Gray Alison Beane
PE & Sport Trevor Sapey Hannah Richardson
6th Form Trevor Sapey
Rosie Lakin
Lin Turner
EYFS Natalie Lunn Kirsty Horell
English Rosie Lakin Sam Vidler
Jane Dutton
Maths Chris Green Caroline Hamblett
Neil Kefford
Teaching School   Alison Beane

Governor Meeting Minutes