Our vision

Our academy enables pupils to

  • Achieve great things
  • Solve problems and become as independent as possible
  • Experience the joy of discovery
  • Build dreams
  • Be filled with awe and wonder
  • Develop self confidence and self belief
  • Communicate effectively

Our vision is focused on ensuring that we prepare our pupils for the next significant stage in their lives, whatever that might be. It identifies what they will achieve and how we will make sure that happens. Mary Rose Academy puts the pupils at the very core of all that we do. When we make a decision the first question we will ask is: "How will our pupils benefit?" In creating our vision we asked 3 questions:

  1. What will you see?
  2. What will you hear?
  3. What will you hear said about our academy?

The pupil of the future leaving school will:

  • Have gained independent thinking and learning skills that can be transferred to adult life
  • Be able to communicate with a wide range of people
  • Have increasing control and influence over their own lives
  • Enjoy learning in the school environment and beyond
  • Have reached appropriate levels of functioning in the core skills
  • Have a range of nationally recognised qualifications
  • Feel confident and self-assured
  • Be creative and able to manage change
  • Be able to form positive relationships with other young people and adults
  • Be aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and be able to make healthy choices
  • Support the values of the school and the local community
  • Respect other cultures, religions and genders
  • Be proud of their achievements
  • Feel supported by all partners in making the transition to the next stage of their lives

Our school meeting these needs will:

  • Adopt a multi-agency approach to learning in which the contribution of all partners is valued
  • Focus on high quality learning and teaching
  • Have high expectations and a positive belief that all things are possible
  • Create a learning environment that is stimulating, challenging, motivating, rewarding and fun
  • Focus on meeting the individual needs of pupils through a personalised approach
  • Encourage creative thinking, research and innovation to find the best ways of helping pupils to learn, communicate and make informed choices and decisions
  • Manage resources efficiently and effectively for the benefit of the pupils
  • Develop highly skilled staff with a range of expertise and experience
  • Provide a safe, caring and welcoming environment
  • Enrich the curriculum through a wide range of out of hours activities and residential experiences
  • Develop a good working relationship with parents, carers and families
  • Gain the support and involvement of the local community
  • Provide support to pupils and staff in a range of schools both locally and nationally
  • Respond in a positive way to change

We will achieve this by:

  • Strong in-depth, shared leadership across the academy
  • Working together towards our agreed vision and aims
  • Ensuring that we take full account of our pupils individual needs, short and long term
  • Setting and monitoring challenging, realistic, achievable targets
  • Providing high quality learning and teaching
  • Making best use of up to date technology to support/facilitate learning and communication
  • Focusing on continuous school improvement through self-evaluation
  • Creating a broad range of opportunities for staff personal and professional development
  • Using our specialism in PE and Sport to benefit the health of our pupils and the community
  • Developing strong partnerships with parents and the wider community
  • Sharing our expertise to support learning communities in their aim to provide an inclusive education for all
  • Celebrating our successes