Annie Williams

Annie Williams
Assistant Headteacher

A little about myself

I am very proud to have been an Assistant Headteacher at Mary Rose since the school opened in 2006 and have been here so long it feels like home. Before this I taught PE in two mainstream secondary schools in Colchester and Portsmouth.

I am married with two young boys and live close to Chichester in a small rural village near the harbour. I love to walk our dog and cycle my bike by the sea and then I seem to spend most of the rest of my spare time running around after my children!

What excites me about my role

I can honestly answer this question with ‘everything’! No two days are ever the same at Mary Rose and it is a wonderful place to work, we have a fantastic staff team who work immensely hard to make sure that the pupils get the best experiences possible. I really do go to work every day with a smile on my face and enjoy every moment.

I have been lucky enough to have a changing job role during my 10 years at Mary Rose, firstly being responsible for developing the school as a community hub and sports college and to oversee the growing post 16 department. I then was able to be involved in the setting up of the Teaching School and more recently, I have taken on responsibility for teaching, learning and assessment across the academy which has been really exciting and allowed me to spend time learning about what makes a lesson great and then working with staff to develop their teaching techniques and skills. I also manage the Portsmouth SEN Support Partnership which is commissioned by PCC to provide outreach support for children with SEND in all Portsmouth mainstream schools.

I am immensely proud of Mary Rose. Proud of the pupils and what they achieve, proud of the staff team and how they are always willing to go the extra mile for their pupils and, having been part of the first leadership team, I am proud of the achievements that we have made as a whole school and I look forward to many more of those proud moments in the next few years as we continue to grow and develop.