Pete Giffin

Pete Giffin
ICT Network Manager

I have been the ICT Network Manager at Mary Rose Academy since 2015. I was born and raised in Gosport and decided to stay in the town. I like living in Gosport as it is a quiet town and only a short distance from the beach.

I am currently engaged but we have not yet started any wedding plans. In my leisure time I am a Scout Leader, activity instructor and I help to organise many district scouting events such as are annual activity camp. I have a great love of the outdoors and enjoy camping on weekends throughout the year. As part of my scouting experience I am involved in the Gosport Gang Show which is an amateur show performed by Scouts and Guides in Gosport and Fareham. When I am not part taking in scouting activities I enjoy trips to the theatre recently I have seen The Lion King and Matilda in the London Theatres, and have booked a trip to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the near future.

What excites you about your role within the Academy?

I feel so privileged to be an ICT Network Manager for 3 of the most inspirational schools in the area, each day gives me a new challenge. The ever expanding boundaries of technological development excite me and constantly keep me on my toes trying to stay up to date with latest advances, as they happen and working tirelessly to investigate how these new technologies could help staff, pupils and families. I love working with all of the technology that we have available in the Academies, with continually diverse and adaptable technology becoming available as needs arise in our modern changing world.