Sarah Jeffery-Chipps

Sarah Jeffery-Chipps
Progress & Attainment Manager

I was born in London, but my family originate from Portsmouth. After spending the majority of my childhood living abroad due to my Father's government post I decided to relocate to Portsmouth myself in 2004.

I live with my husband and 11 year old daughter, and have a step daughter in teacher training, and a step son just starting dance school in London. We try to make the most of the weekends, occasionally popping to one of the many nice cafe's that have opened in the past few years, and when weather and time permits we grab a weekend camping with friends.

We are lucky to live near the sea and in such a historic city, so try to take advantage of this whenever we can.

What excites you about your role within the Academy?

I have always had an excited and inquisitive attitude to what can be achieved and produced using the various computer programmes that suit the job in hand, whether it be an informative spreadsheet, or a fun poster for one of the classes.   

There can be a big difference on how a document is interpreted by colleagues based on how it is presented, so I try to produce it in a style that suits the subject content. A fun notice concerning one of the pupils events can have colour and even little pictures, whereas an important report will be written appropriately and professionally. How I choose to write these documents can be very satisfying, a prime example being the appreciative comments during the Ofsted inspection. Being in the position that requires me to collate the various results concerning the pupils day, it is also extremely satisfying to see the wonderful progress and achievements they make.

The other privilege I have in working at Mary Rose and when visiting the other two schools is to be able to help with the pupils on a daily basis or with events such as Rock Challenge. I feel extremely lucky to be able to occasionally step outside of my main role and mix with such wonderful young people, and also with such dedicated colleagues.

Overall I am doing a job using computers and numbers that I have always enjoyed, but have the added pleasure and honour of working in three truly amazing schools.