Pioneer Challengers

Challengers have had an action packed week. Firstly, there were big changes for all students as they made the step up from Mary Rose Academy and Redwood Park and begun their new adventure in sixth form at the Pioneer site.

Challengers settled into sixth form life by having a leisurely breakfast before the real fun began! ‘Dare to be Different’ was the first task set and Challengers got straight to work on decorating their own lockers books and workspace, before taking part in the selfie challenge. Then came the enterprise taster sessions, where each student got to participate and experience working in Pebbles Beach Café, Fresh as a Daisy, upcycling and Sowers and Growers. All students were naturals and are excited to begin working next week! Near the end of their first week Challengers enjoyed a mid-morning stroll around Canoe Lake before heading back to Mary Rose to begin rehearsals for the best show in town…Rock Challenge!