Pioneer Explorers

Explorers class have enjoyed the first few days back, they have been joined by their new 6th form friends, Alfie and Charlie from Wimbledon class to explore the new sensory space that has replaced the old Purbrook class.  During the time the students enjoyed time out of their chairs, catching up with old friends who they hadn’t seen over the summer. 

During lesson time the class have been creating art using the theme, ‘Sky High’.  They posed for pictures to create a silhouette of them reaching up, this silhouette was then added to the sky picture that they painted using sponges.  The overall effect came out very well.  The students have also enjoyed time in the kitchen baking some fairy cakes from a packet mix, following the instructions to make them, and pressing the switch to make the mixer work.  Some then enjoyed tasting them with a nice cup of tea, others just enjoyed the chat!!