Pioneer Trailblazer

Pioneer Trailblazers – A Super Start.

The staff and students of Trailblazer are gelling nicely. They spent the first week getting to know each other and their friends in the other two 6th form classes, Challenger and Explorer. They did this during two days of team building activities that included producing group art, sporting activities and drama role plays. Students are settling nicely into their new timetables, having chosen which of the 3 businesses they want to work in, either the Café, Horticulture or Upcycling business. This is what they do Monday, to Wednesday. Thursdays mornings students learn about health, community and relationships and are currently kayaking during this session. In the afternoon students have performing arts, preparing for another incredible Rock Challenge performance. Fridays involve students developing their independence skills, with students learning about how to keep a clean and safe home. It’s going to be a busy and purposeful term, but without doubt our class will ‘blaze the trail’ and make fantastic progress!