Step Into Sports Training Day

Pioneer sent a group of 6 students to the Mountbatten Centre on Wednesday 25th January. They took part in a whole series of activities designed to develop the skills needed to lead others in sports activities – confidence, communication, planning, use of voice and much more. The students we took (Lily, Callum, Tyton, Mariah and Marcel) were an absolute credit to the school. They developed in confidence so much that for the second half of the day, they required no support from our staff and worked incredibly well alongside students from 5 different schools and under the stewardship of students from Portsmouth and Chichester University. The students had a real treat, meeting and listening to an inspirational speech from Cassie Patten (Olympic Bronze Medal Open Swim – Beijing). A fantastic message from Cassie who explained the challenges she faced as a dyslexic student going through school and her attitude to using her strengths to be a success. The students loved her open swimming racing stories, especially the one about having a jellyfish attached to her face 5 minutes into a 2 hour race. An amazing day!!

 A Great Start To 2017!

2017 has started incredibly well for Pioneer. We have had 3 students skiing in Italy. Billy, Jordan and Kyle had a fab time learning to ski and socialising alongside students from a number of different schools. Rock Challenge rehearsals have also been coming along nicely, with the big day on Wednesday 1st March fast approaching! Pioneer students have been working very hard to learn their dances moves to try and match the incredible success we have last year, finishing 3rd in the first round. Students have also developed a range of other skills in 2017, working on skills needed for horticulture, how to stay safe in the community, using technology, literacy, numeracy and much more! Let’s hope the 2017 continues in the same way as it has started – amazingly!

Pioneer is back!

 Kyle, Emily and Marcel wrote this article with a little help from their friends.

We have enjoyed our first week at Pioneer with our new friends. We have taken part in lots of different activities. We have walked to the shops to buy food for our lunches. We have had lessons with Kirsty, learning how to be safe in the community. We have enjoyed our horticulture sessions with Ed, tidying up the gardens which needed sorting out after the summer break! We have also started preparing for Rock Challenge, watching the old DVD and talking about ideas for this year. Friday was a nice quiet, calm day.

Some of us went to Mary Rose to prepare and cook with Jo as part of our Life Skills course and the rest of us did work on our Enterprise activity getting our charity shop called Balcony Bags ready.

We are looking forward to next week, especially kayaking on Tuesday. 

A Round Up Of The Autumn Term!

Nearly 75% of the students who started at Pioneer this year were new to the class and what a positive impact they have made! Our existing Year 14’s set the standard. They have been wonderful role models and the rest of the students have followed suit. We have challenged our students to strive to be the very best that they can be and develop in 5 main areas: Independence; Communication; Self-confidence; Making informed choices; and Emotional intelligence. Students have worked hard to improve so many different skills this term: Housekeeping skills; PE skills (horse riding / kayaking / zumba); Being safe in the community; Employability skills; Gardening skills; Using technology to be independent; Cooking; and much, much more. Pioneer group 1 and group 2 ‘swap’ timetables after January 20th 2017, so students will be trying a whole host of different activities and a new set of challenges begins! We begin our Christmas timetable on Wednesday 7th December and students will be enjoying numerous different festive activities as we see out what has been an amazing 2016.