This term Trailblazers have been completing the sensory wall mural for the Lantern and there will be an unveiling next week. The students have designed and completed a large piece of work, working creatively for others to enjoy as their community project 

Students have been working on personalised goals this term, such as making a cup of tea or using toaster to make snacks, some students have learnt how to make omelettes and main meals such as curry using the slow cooker and pasta bakes independently. 

Most students will be leaving MRA this term, therefore we have planned and commenced their transition with visits to colleges and services that they will potentially be attending when they leave Mary Rose. The first of the visits were to Go Create which went exceptionally well, students enjoyed woodwork activities and engaging with both the smaller and large animals. Visits to Portsmouth and Southdown’s College are taking place now. 

Some students will be exploring work experience opportunities and for one of our student’s work experience has already started, he is working with the site team to complete jobs around the Craneswater site which involves maintaining the building and the outside areas. 

Students will be preparing personalised portfolios and preparing for Prom to celebrate the time at Mary Rose. 


Trailblazers are a class of Year 14s, the students have all attended the school together and have now come together for their final year.

During this first week the students have had the opportunity to participate in taster sessions across the enterprise businesses, they have enjoyed participating in cooking in Pebbles Café, craft in Southsea Sanders, sweet treats in Fresh, making pickles and toffee apples in Sowers and Growers before deciding which business they would like to work in this year.

Students will be exploring what their hopes and dreams are for the future, they will be visiting colleges and services that may want to attend once they have left school at the end of the academic year. This year will provide the students with the opportunity to grow and develop as individuals with the focus being on developing independent living skills to prepare them for transition into adult hood. 

The final year will be very exciting for the students, there are many projects and activities booked which will involve accessing local facilities health and wellbeing, daily living skills and developing some work experience in community-based settings.