A busy start to 2017

Widley have had a busy start to 2017. We have been involved in lots of Rock Challenge rehearsals and we are really looking forward to performing at the Guildhall in front of all our families and friends.

We also took part in some ‘Random acts of kindness’ in January when we made special drinks for all of the staff in the office. We used our communication aids to ask them what they would like, made their drinks and then delivered them in special cups. It went down so well with the office staff, that they asked if we could do it every week, so we have decide to have a tea trolley for our work experience in the summer term. We may even make cake!

Full Festive Mode

Widley are well and truly in full festive mode! We have been busy with the rehearsals for the Christmas show and making Christmas cards and decorations and our re-cycled Christmas tree for the school competition. We made some beautiful wreaths from fabric which we added bells to so that we could ‘jingle all the way home.’

The highlight of our Christmas preparations so far has been our trip to Keydell Nursery to do the Winter Wonderland Walk. We all loved all of the displays. Sydney was particularly fascinated by the lights, Christmas sparkle and music and she loved meeting the animals at the Christmas stable.

We are looking forward to all the festivities of the last week, especially our Christmas dinner and the staff pantomime!

A very Merry Christmas and a peaceful and happy New Year to you all.

Move over Bear Grylls – here comes Widley!

Widley have been taking part in Bushcraft sessions at Fort Purbrook this term. We have explored the bushcraft area, foraged for different plant materials, made a collage and made a bug hotel. However, our favourite activity has been ‘fire’. We watched as Phil, our instructor showed us how to start a fire with only a flint and some cotton wool buds. It made a really big flame and lots of smoke! Chris and Taonga took part in an experiment to put out a fire and learned that a flame can only burn if it has oxygen. We then all went out and foraged for wood, built a fire and Phil started it for us. We loved the smell of the smoke and watching the flame. We then foraged for a long stick and toasted marshmallows on the end of it. They tasted wonderful!