Albert Annex

Beach Clean...

This week Albert Annex organised and executed a beach clean on their local coastline. Trawling the stretch of beach from the hovercraft down to Mozarella Joe’s, students were armed with litter pickers, gloves and bags to collect bits of rubbish that they found. Plastics, bottle tops, straws, chip sticks, cans and plastic bags covered the beach and students were keen to pick it all up. Starting their new project ‘Footprints’ which will be all around re using, recycling and reducing their carbon footprints, the focus is to think about how to be more eco-friendly.


After a huge success last term with their theme pattern, students are planning a totally eco picnic with bio degradable plates and cups, meat free dishes, home grown salads and most importantly no plastics!


Lots to do and an exciting term ahead. Look out for us combing the beach and try to spot the stones we leave behind, if you see one take a picture and send it into admin at school.

Trip Tuesdays

At Albert Annex we love to take our learning outside to explore our local community and environment. We have regular ‘Trip Tuesdays’ and have visited the likes of the Witterings, Hayling Island, Portchester Castle and Old Portsmouth. Getting out into the community and being independent is one of our favourite things to do!

Seriously retro this term

The students at Albert Annex have gone seriously retro this term exploring vintage fashion, beauty style and social history. Students have visited second hand shops and bartered hard to find vintage bargains which they are in the process of upcycling. We have all enjoyed looking at fashions from the 1940's and 1950's in particular. Students have sourced and co-ordinated vintage outfits for  themselves and have enjoyed refining their looks with costume jewellery and accessories. Students have visited the Body Shop for a make over to help them learn about how to apply make up. We have been studying historical and social aspects of the 1940's, the world war and the huge impact it had on peoples lives such as rationing and the need for everyone to contribute to the war effort in many different ways. The students have been using retro style fabric to make bunting to decorate the Annex for the tea dance and they will be recycling old material to make vintage style aprons which they will be modelling when they serve victoria sponges at our tea dance later this term! Activity levels have been high with many rehearsals for Rock Challenge but also with practising swing dance moves. We have used wartime music such as Glen Miller's In The Mood to learn some simple swing and jive moves too - it's a definite favourite with staff and students alike! 

A Fantastic Start To The Year

The staff and students at Albert Annex have had a fantastic start to the year. Our topic has been ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and our topic culminated in our very own Strictly Come Dancing competition with  students performing a either a Latin or Ballroom style dance to a song of their choice. All four judges were present and the audience went wild, it was a smash hit success. All students have worked hard on our topic, experiencing food and culture from Latin American countries. We have used online apps such as E-Bay to sell items - for a profit and we have produced some fantastic Latin themed artwork for the Annex.

Our topic next term is going to be ‘Vintage’ , we will be looking at the post war era and drawing inspiration from Swing music and the 1940’s for a fashion themed event and our Enterprise work will involve sourcing second hand furniture or items and upcycling them with a vintage theme. We wish all our families the very best for the holiday period and are looking forward to getting started on new projects and of course Rock Challenge when we get back in the New Year.

The Albert Annex students and staff have had a fantastic start to the term.

All the students who have joined us have made an excellent transition to the Annex and we have all been enjoying getting to know one another and becoming familiar with new routines.

Students have got straight into their learning – we are focusing on using apps for Literacy and Enterprise this term and we have been sourcing items to sell, laundering them and learning how to list items for sale on EBay. We are all learning how to take care of ourselves and what a healthy lifestyle really involves - cooking low fat meals, using the fitness suite and learning skincare routines to name a few of our activities.

One thing we have discovered that we all have in common is that we all love a good party and a bit of sparkle so what better topic for us this term than ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. Dust off your sequins, book in your spray tan and get ready to cha cha cha on down to the Albert Annex later this term where we will be hosting our very own Strictly Come Dance Competition complete with South American themed food and mocktails! Each student will be learning a Latin dance and we will have all four judges on site to announce the winner.

See you there!