Roll up , Roll up Dolphin Circus has started!

Dolphin class have had a very busy start to our summer term learning all about the circus. We have enjoyed reading our Animal Circus Book and learning all about the different animals and their circus tricks through exploration of props. We especially liked learning about the elephants and even had a go at throwing rings over their trunks and squirting water.

We have been learning about shops in Geography. First we practised exchanging our money for exciting choosing items at our class ‘Big Top Shop’. Then we put our skills into action and walked to our local shop to buy a packet of crisps. Which we enjoyed eating on the bench in the sunshine with our friends.

Kayaking is one of Dolphins favourite activities and we have been twice this term. Jack, Finn, Soul and Charlie all enjoyed laying on the middle of the kayak and watching the water through the mesh. While Presian, Finlay and Noah found it funny when they were splashed by the other kayaks! We cannot wait to go again next term.

A Box Full Of Treasure

Dolphins have really enjoyed their Pirate topic this term. We have been very busy and have used several pirate books in English, it’s been fun reading and exploring these texts. In maths we have been learning new counting songs and have experimented with capacity when using water. Through our geography and art lessons we made a range of treasure maps, staining the maps with tea to make them look old. We then used these maps and went on an adventure, finding a box full of treasure was a fantastic end to our term. We hope you all have a great Christmas holiday and look forward to seeing the pupils back in January.

Dolphin class have had a pirate packed half term.

In English we have been looking at two books, ‘Pirates’ and ‘The Pirates Journey’. From these books we have learnt what Pirates wear and use and have all had the opportunity to explore different Pirate clothes and related objects such as swords, hooks, eye patches and treasure chests.

In Maths we have been practising our pouring skills and making different flavoured Pirate juice. We have been working on choosing what colour juice we would like, who we would like to make it for and whether we want to be a good pirate and give them a full cup or trick them and give them an empty one.

History is one of Dolphins most popular lessons. We have enjoyed dressing up as pirates and exploring different ways that they find treasure. We found having a sword fight with Justine very funny but sieving through the sand to find the coins was our favourite.