WOW, what an amazing start we have had to a new school year! We have been getting to know each other and there are beautiful friendships blossoming already. Willow, Naomi and Peter have been very chatty and have been making each other laugh a lot and Peter has enjoyed helping his friends during the morning routine by giving them a hand massage.

We began by exploring different activities about being an Octopus and Johanna, Lennon and Lexi’s favourite story was ‘Jolly Olly Octopus’. The pupils have created some stunning Octopi for our birthday board so our room is looking great.

This term we are ‘Wizards in training’ so we have spent some time exploring the 4 houses from Harry Potter. Sophie and Sami really enjoyed recreating the ‘sorting hat’ using big mac switches to find out which house they are in and we have lots of fun activities planned e.g. making scarves and ties to represent our new teams. Naomi’s quote of the week was ‘This is the best day ever’.