The Tin Forest

Octopus class have had a great start back to the Spring Term and I am certain that 2017 is going to be full of fun, learning and opportunities!

We have begun our new topic ‘The Tin Forest’ and it is a sure hit. We are learning about different homes and who may live in them – we have had lots of fun pretending to be Native Americans in a Tee Pee and building igloos out of marshmallows and frosting!

We have also been learning about different fairy tales and have particularly enjoyed sharing ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We have some great impressionists in class as the big bad wolf has made several appearances trying to huff and puff the staff away!

This term we have already been on a school trip to Chichester where we were lucky enough to listen to a live orchestra – this was an amazing experience and the pupils really engaged with the atmosphere and musicians.

I can’t wait to see what the next half term has in store for us. Have a lovely break.

End of Xmas Term

Wow … what an amazing first term for Octopus class! We have all settled in so well and have had a great time. I am so proud of all of our achievements so far!

Our Fairground topic was a sure hit and we have had fun joining in with a range of activities. We created our own log flume and listened as we heard the flume go SPLISH SPLASH SPLOSH, we pretended to be dodgems on the MUGA and WHOOSHED and WHIZZED past our friends and we enjoyed shouting WHEEEEEE as we imitated being on the waltzers!

When we were learning about Peppa Pig’s  ‘Hot Air Balloon Ride’ one of the carriages flew away and we had an adventure trying to catch it! We searched far and wide but eventually found it on the sensory trail caught up in the willow walkway – what a relief!

In our Primary Christmas performance we were the ‘Jolly Postmen’ and we did so well. Our express delivery made sure that all of the precious gifts were delivered to baby Jesus just on time!

Well done Octopus class – we are simply amazing and I can’t wait for next year, have a great Christmas … HO HO HO!

Octopus class have had a great start to the autumn term. Our funfair topic has been a real hit and we have had lots of fun surrounding our funfair theme.

During PE we set up a variety of traditional fairground stalls and tried our skills at splat the rat and tin can alley. Matthew was particularly good at making sure he splat the rat every time!

In English we have been learning about onomatopoeic sounds that we might make at the funfair; Cristian thought these sounds were very funny and particularly enjoyed ‘wheeeeeeeeeeee’ when we pretended to ride the rollercoaster!

In Skills for Life we have been focusing on funfair food – popping corn was a great hit and we had lots of fun exploring the process of kernels being popped to create popcorn (we also had a great time eating it!).

Our class mascot ‘Otis the Octopus’ has already spent the weekend at Willow’s house and he had lots of fun at Krazy Kaves!

We can’t wait to share the rest of the term with you and look out for Otis as he may be visiting you next!