Welcome to Puffin Class!

Puffin class have had a very busy and fun first week back. We have welcomed and enjoyed getting to know our new friend James and the new adults in our class. Puffin class have focused a lot on communication and sensory integration this week. This meant we got to have lots of fun playing with different toys to see which ones are our favourite and which ones will motivate us to use our PECS. We have also worked hard on getting our new sensory integration circuit right, as when this is right it really helps us all to be calm and ready to learn. We are really excited to start our ‘Sing Sparkle and Shine’ topic next week and are looking forward to the term ahead.

All out at sea!

Puffin’s third topic of the year has been ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ which they have enjoyed very much.

Puffin’s have been focusing on all animals that live in the sea and what jobs fishing people do. They have had fun playing in all the water and fishing for fish. Puffin’s have been focusing on the sounds they hear around the ocean and the noises that animals make and beginning to label the sounds they hear.

The highlight of the half term had to be to the trip to the seaside to see the ocean and take in all the senses that sea had to offer, then at the end of the trip we stopped for an ice cream. Puffin class used their communication skills to request ice cream using their PECS. Puffin class also exchanged coins in order to receive their ice cream which is fantastic.

Puffin have also been experiencing the different weather conditions they experience in Science, Puffin’s particularly enjoyed the sensory elements the April showers had to offer, with all the wind and rain. It has been a fun and enjoyable half term, with lots of water and sensory elements to the lessons.

Well done Puffins !

Another Busy Half Term

Puffin Class have been enjoying their second topic of the year Home Sweet Home.

Firstly, the Class looked into the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. They have been exploring and working with items we use on a daily basis at home and in school. Pupils have very much enjoyed the amount of porridge they have used throughout all the lessons, some hot and some cold.

Puffin Class have also been working on their communication, requesting items that are used in the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story.  In addition, the pupils have been making their own house during D.T lessons, painting walls and decorating their house in very creative and unique ways.

The second story that Puffin Class has looked at is the Three Little Pigs. The pupils have enjoyed placing pigs in houses and exploring the different texture that the pigs built their house with. Many of the adults are out of breath after being the big bad wolf and blowing the houses down, to the amusement of pupils.

Enjoying Their Second Topic

Another busy half term in Puffin class! This half term we have really gotten to grips with our sensory circuit and have moved from doing them in small groups to the whole class together. It is having a really positive impact on our behaviour for learning and duration of concentration. We have been working particularly hard on our communication this half term. Some of us are expanding our vocabulary and learning to request using PECS spontaneously. Some of us have just gotten our first PECS books and are beginning to communicate using symbols!

More recently we have been getting ready for Christmas. We have been making Christmas cards, Christmas decoration and special Christmas placemats for our Christmas lunch. We are especially enjoying all the glitter that comes with this! Finally, we are working really hard to prepare for our Christmas show. We have been practicing our roles ready for the show and have been busy like Christmas elves making our own props!

Have a lovely Christmas break.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the Puffins!

It’s been a busy half term in Puffin class.

Everyone has settled well and got stuck back in to their learning. There has been some brilliant mark making and use of PECs for English and the children have been enjoying playing fairground based games for Maths like tin can alley, hoopla and hook a duck! In Geography we have started learning about the beach and in RE we are beginning to look at special places so we set up the classroom as a special place for relaxation and calm activities. The children loved the foot spa, hand massage from Mary and the lavender scented play dough!

The Puffins have been working particularly hard on turn taking and listening as shown by the photo of the children enjoying some maths counting songs.