Seahorse Class has settled brilliantly into our new classroom!

We have had a good explore of all the different areas in the room – seeing what we could find! Starting to think about our topic “My Adventurous Journey”, we watched videos and explored sensory activities for a hot air balloon and tractor. We were very excited by how noisy a hot air balloon can be! We spent time getting to know our friends and adults in Seahorse Class this year and worked together to make our own models of these modes of transport. In PE we explored different destinations that we might travel to like the beach, flying over mountains and meadows. This got us exploring, moving and laughing as we enjoyed new and different experiences.

Learning about the circus!

Seahorse Class has enjoyed learning about the circus! We have been able to learn about animals in the circus, exploring what they look like, how they act, feel and sound. It’s been fun to dress up as them too! Seahorses have enjoyed sharing our class story with each other, joining in with the repetitive lines and enjoying sensory elements like feeling textures, hearing their noises, performing actions and more! We have even enjoyed making our own books about animals in the circus!

In DT we have explored circus treats, exploring their taste, texture and smell. We even had a go at making our own! In Art we have enjoyed exploring patterns by making animal prints in paint to sound patterns! (We got a little bit messy!). It was great fun to make circus treats for our friends and take part in shop role plays to help us learn about the world around us.

We’ve also been working hard on our Maths, playing circus themed games to help us with our counting, exploring heavy and light and sorting different objects.

We have had a fun packed half term and can’t wait to continue our learning about the circus next half term!

Space Adventures!

This half term we have enjoyed exploring space! We have had great fun dressing up as aliens and astronauts and exploring different space objects in History. We loved looking back at the pictures of ourselves and recognising ourselves in the photos.

We particularly enjoyed our sensory story in English, which had a catchy song to sing to and enjoy! We loved exploring the objects and joining in with repetitive moves. Mark making has been great! We have been marking making in space dust, alien slime, star pictures and drawing the flames from rockets!

We have been counting all sorts of space objects including stars, aliens and more! We have also explored shapes by matching them, creating aliens and knocking down rockets with 3D shaped planets! Maths got even more exciting as we practiced our anticipation skills and number counting at Archery to shoot both aliens and planets!

Art and DT has been full of all sorts of making. In DT we have made junk model planets, rocket ships and space helmets. In Art we have made space scenes with lots of different materials including paint, gel and tissue paper.

We are looking forward to continuing out learning about space next half term!

Continuing to learn about Pirates!

This half term, Seahorse Class have enjoyed continuing to learn about Pirates!

We have really enjoyed taking part in our sensory stories and sharing them with our friends! We have loved going on a journey with our pirates in our stories, exploring their maps, islands, sand and more! We had lots of giggles when we explored the sea in our stories as we all got a little bit wet spraying ourselves, friends and even teachers!

We have enjoyed getting messy whilst colouring mixing to create interesting sea scenes. In DT we have been practicing our cutting and sticking skills to make lots of different pirate themed items including treasure, boats and more!

We have really been focusing on communicating with our friends and teachers in class to request items that we want and express likes and dislikes. This has meant that we’ve had lots of fun getting to know our friends really well! It linked very well to our learning during anti-bulling week where we learnt about different feelings and what makes us and our friends happy!

This half term wouldn’t be complete without lots of Christmas fun! We are just about to get started on our Christmas performance! We know it is going to be great!

The half term has been packed with lots of fun, exciting (and sometimes messy) activities. We have loved learning about pirates and can’t wait to get back after Christmas to start our new super space topic!

This half term, Seahorse Class have enjoyed learning about Pirates!

We have been very creative in Art and DT this half term – making all sorts of pirate themed artwork. In Art we have explore lots of different medias to make sea pictures including paint, gel, shaving foam, glitter and more! In DT we have made fantastic boats, hooks, swords and eye patches.

In History, we have explored all the jobs that pirates would do and shared our preferences with our friends. We have been climbing the riggings, talking to the parrot, scrubbing the decks, counting our treasure and much more!

Exploring sand has been great fun and has helped us with our mark making skills. We have enjoyed our Class Sensory pirate story and get very excited when this is being told!

Songs have played a big part in our Topic this half term. We have loved learning new sea shanties and it’s even helped us with our counting! We made some big splashes and a lot of mess when exploring capacity by making pirate rum (child friendly of course)!