Welcome to Sealion class of 2017. We have myself Charlene who is the teacher working alongside Michelle, Karen and Charlene.

It is great to be back after the summer holidays and we are excited to have Lennon and Archie join us full time. Lucy, Dexter, Sami and Sophie have been quick to make their friends feel at home by choosing them to have a turn during the welcome routine and when taking part in turn taking activities.

This week Sealions have been putting their stamp on the classroom. We have a beautiful twinkly display in our sensory area, the children decorated a star to represent how our children are all superstars! The children have also chosen to make a present or a cake to hang on our birthday display because we love to celebrate!!!We are in the midst of creating our own 3d faces to use for our Sensology sessions, they are still a work in progress but looking amazing so far.

With the classroom looking great we are now really looking forward to starting our brand new topic called ‘Sing, sparkle and shine’. We will be exploring different festivals of light around the world. We have lots of projects planned so watch this space for some of our masterpieces!

Exploring our ‘Commotion in the Ocean’

Wow, we cannot believe how quickly this year is progressing!!!

We have had a fantastic start to the Summer term and have enjoyed exploring our ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ topic. It is a great time of year to engage with water activities to keep cool.

We have shared a multi-sensory version of ‘The clumsy crab’, the octopus tentacles (a rubber glove full of aqua beads have been a clear favourite with our pupils especially Sami who loves to explore a variety of objects linked to the text. Our pupils have really enjoyed hiding and revealing new sea creatures in a variety of sensory stimuli.

Lucy and Sophie have been demonstrating their fantastic communication skills by communicating their preferences consistently using images of their favourite songs to share around the resonance board with their friends.

Dexter has also been demonstrating how good he has become at using his PECS book to make requests of which Sea creature he would like or using symbols to communicate the objects or images he can see using an ‘I see’ board during shared activities.

We have recently had the opportunity to work with the amazing Ricky Tart- we created an ‘under the sea’ sound scape using different instruments linked to ipad apps to combine our efforts together and change the effects. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to listen to Ricky play the ukulele and sing live. Our sound track will be combined with the masterpieces from the other KS1 classes and we cannot wait to hear the finished product- watch this space!!!!!

Beau was mesmerised by listening to the live music especially when Ricky played the ukulele and the ambience in our room was sensational! We definitely have some budding musicians in our Class and it was lovely to observe the children listening and responding to their own individual sounds made when using the microphone to amplify their sound.

We have also had a Shaun and River the PAT dog visit us- Lucy and Dexter love to touch River and stroke her fur. Recently Shaun bought in a surprise…. a new puppy who he is currently training. She enjoyed coming to Sealion Class and was very well behaved!!

We are looking forward to the second half of Summer term to be able to use the outdoor area more consistently and continue our ‘Under the sea’ topic more in depth. I know we have a lot of fun experiences planned and look forward to sharing them with our class and opportunities to work with other classes.




Exploring Hansel and Gretel and the Tin Forest

This term we have been exploring Hansel and Gretel and the Tin Forest.  We began by exploring the Witches house that was made of sweets.  We had a multisensory story and Dexter was able to identify which scent he could smell from banana, biscuit, chocolate or coconut. Beau was keen to explore the money, breadcrumbs and stones that represented different parts of the story. Lucy’s favourite part of the story was when the witch cackled- Lucy became animated each time she heard this sound.

We have created our own house made of sweets and used this opportunity to look at a variety of different homes through the ages. We made our own Igloos, Tudor home, Celtic homes and barges from a range of materials to represent different homes and explored a range of animal’s habitats.

We explored the habitat of a frog which was pretty slimy but we loved exploring the different stimuli to find hidden frogs. We then created a bird’s nest and a beehive from Cheerio’s and bubble wrap. Our pupils have been very creative and our homes for the animals look fantastic!

We ended the term by exploring the tin forest. This has been our favourite text to share by far! We share the text around the resonance board using a foil blanket to create the sounds made by the man and the animals. Sophie and Sami were highly engaged in transforming a plain silver blanket into a burst of beautiful colourful using their hands to paint with.

We have been very fortunate this term because we have just finished an amazing week of Art. We had the opportunity to explore under the sea activities using shells, seaweed, sand, bubble wrap and stones to make marks. We also experienced the wonderful sensory art session with Gavin Hodgkinson, creating our own Andy Warhol pop art pieces with Steve and a drumming workshop with pupils from Redwood park which was very loud!!. To finish the week we created a music video to capture our experience with Ricky. Sophie was very excited to see herself moving to the music on the video!

We cannot believe that this term is over and we are fast approaching the summer term! We have had time to reflect on the amazing progress of our pupils when sharing the pupil’s contribution at annual reviews with their families and we are looking forward to having more fun in the sun when we begin our last topic of Commotion in the ocean after Easter.

Tin Forest

Sealion Class have started 2017 as they mean to go on, working very hard!! Our new topic is the ‘Tin Forest’, this is new to all of us as we have created this topic to link with our 10th anniversary celebrations. We are exploring different homes and habitats through a variety of texts such as ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’, ‘The 3 little pigs’, ‘Hansel and Gretal’ and the ‘Tin forest’.

We are really enjoying sharing these multisensory stories and exploring fun activities based upon these texts. We began exploring Goldilocks and the three bears we discovered we have some budding chefs among us, Sophie helped Tiff to stir the porridge and it was so delicious Dexter ate it for his snack. We have had lots of fun using Daddy, Mummy and baby bear voices on big mac switches. Lucy and Ananya have been interacting via the switches and giggling when they hear their friend respond with their choice of switch. We have really enjoyed exploring a variety of different sized objects such as bowls, spoons, chairs, beds and bears. In skills for life we have been designing and making a blanket for baby bear and lampshades for our bedrooms!

We are currently exploring ‘The three little pigs’. In Science our pupils have been so clever they have communicated their choice of material (straw, sticks or bricks) to create their own homes. We have also began to think about what other materials homes are made out of and we have created our own igloos to represent a cold habitat and are going to make homes from clay to represent hot habitats.

We have discovered that we have some cheeky personalities who have enjoyed participating in our role play sessions, in particular being the big bad wolf and ‘huffing and puffing’ to blow the houses down. Beau and Sami have really enjoyed watching the straw and sticks travel across his tray when he activates the fan using a switch!!

We have had a great half of the term but are very sad to be losing Ananya as she is moving house- we have had a lovely princess party to wish Anaya and her family well on their new adventure- Ananya looked beautiful in her new tiara.

We are looking forward to next term when we celebrate our 10 year anniversary in style…. Watch this space for what exciting surprises we have in stall.

Starfish class have had an action packed time before Christmas. To start things off we had a ‘Stay and Play’ session where we invited our families to come and join in with all the fun things we do at school and have a mice pie or two! It was great fun and got very messy when we explored lots of different ‘snow’ textures.


We were very lucky that we were invited to go and meet Father Christmas and his elves! We all got to meet him and sit on his lap, receive a present and he taught us how to do our best ‘Ho Ho Ho!’. We had a lovely time and got to listen to all the music and hustle and bustle of the Christmas shoppers.


We have been working hard all week participating in lots of Christmas activities. We have made Christmas decorations, hats, our costumes for the show, presents to take home and our wonderful recycled Christmas tree. We decided to make a ‘Stick Man’ tree as we have enjoyed reading it so much!