Roll up, Roll up and come and join the Circus fun!

We have created lots of opportunities to perform this term and Shark class just love a challenge!

We have really enjoyed the opportunity to work with Wembley class. Wembley class produced a sensory story based on the circus- so lots of activities you find under the big top! Tommy really enjoyed the opportunity to create some slap stick humour with the water spray making everyone laugh including himself! Owen enjoyed the time with his big brother who encouraged him to become a clown. Alfie enjoyed the elephant ride and John became a magician and created his own special magic- now you see me now you don’t!  

We thoroughly enjoyed listening and taking part  so a big thank you to Wembley Class.

A Journey Into Space

Shark Class have been busy going on a journey into space this half term. We have loved the song “Let’s go on a trip in a silver rocket ship! We’ll fly oh so high through the clouds and to the sky. Look there’s an astronaut, let’s all say Hi. We’d better wave at it as he’s floating by….

First of all we created our own rocket ship, the pupils loved painting the rocket, choosing all the colours independently. Then before we could set off we have been practicing our countdown sequence as part of our Maths lessons- great fun!

Within our English work we have acted out stories linked to book about space. We have all enjoyed taking part in role play, just look at our photos!!

We have sequenced the story remembering what came first, second and last. We have learnt about what we might find in space – planets, satellites and maybe an alien too! We are looking forward to continuing our adventure through the galaxy next half term.


Shark Class have had lots of fun exploring and finding out about Pirates this term. We really did enjoy dressing up as pirates. We looked just like swash buckling pirates! YAAAAR!!

We have learnt about maps and understanding symbols and directions that led us to X that marks the spot-the hidden treasure !!!. We enjoyed following our symbolised scheduled map around adventure play area stopping at different points to see what pirate items we could find and explore. Owen and Kaydon used symbols to label the treasure map. Alfie explored how to make the map paper look very old.

To end the term Sharks really enjoyed paint spinning and we tried to reproduced pictures by the artist Damien Hirst-  Tommy and McKenzie were really absorbed watching the board spin and then adding paint and watching the paint shapes grow and merge- great work Sharks!!!!! 

Sharks have had a fantastic first half term. We are all really enjoying being pirates! These are a few of those special golden moments we would like to share with you.

In English we have looked at ‘what does a pirate wear?’ Tommy thoroughly enjoyed trying on the various hats, baggy shirts, eye patch dagger and hook that we had in the special pirate box . He decided to have a go at putting on the beard to complete the pirate look! He also made lots of pirate sounds ARRRAH! John confidently wore the eye patch and it really suited him!! Kyle H tried on the baggy shirt and was fascinated with Pirate paraphernalia- telescopes, cutlass and hook. It was great to see Kaydon enjoying wearing the pirate hat!

In Art we have been making sea scape pictures . The focus has been about making choices about what materials to use. We looked at various sequins- size and shape, a variety of beads, the colour of glitter and what the sea would smell like and pupils were asked to select which shower gel to use. Throughout the activity they showed great engagement, great concentration and increasing independence.

Kyle O enjoyed the activity: How many spoonful’s of glitter do you want? He responded beautifully and then carefully scooped the glitter on to the spoon. Alfie showed great skill and control using the small spoon to scoop the glitter and then really enjoyed the fun bit, squirting the shower gel into the bag!!!

Owen was able to tell us exactly what colours he wanted very accurately! Great engagement well done Owen.

In Science we have been testing different materials plastic bottles, lids, straws and metal and paper clips, spoons to see which sink or float. A great hit with McKenzie who repeated “wow” again and again as he closely observed what was happening to the items.

In PSHE the focus has been turn taking games and choosing a friend to work with. Owen and Tommy have formed a really good partnership and have worked really hard at making and responding to requests in order to make the lego car.

All of the staff are really proud of all the Sharks achievements- well done everyone staff and pupils alike.