A trip to The Blue Reef Aquarium!!

As we have been learning about sea creatures, Starfish Class took a trip to The Blue Reef Aquarium this week. We had a fantastic time and were able to see, hear and feel lots on our trip.

We were fortunate enough to have a rock pool experience whilst we were there. During which we were able to learn about and feel starfish and crabs! Archie loved hearing the facts about the starfish, did you know that they have 5 eyes? Lennon however, did not like the starfish at all! We met Charlotte the crab, she was very big and had very long legs. Dominik enjoyed feeling the prickles on her legs and watching her stretch them out too!

We managed to pick a quiet day to visit so we were able to hear the different sounds of the water and the fish swimming about. We got to watch the sting rays and sharks be given their lunch, Archie found this very funny as the sting rays kept splashing us with water!

There was lots of different fish and sea creatures, just like in our class story ‘Tip Tap went the crab’ so it was an excellent opportunity to see and feel them in person!

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Starfish class have had a fantastic start to their summer topic ‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside’. To begin with we are thinking about the sea and everything that lives in it! In our book ‘Tip Tap went the crab’, he meets lots of sea creatures in his rock pool and we are hoping to do the same!

In our garden we have created our own rock pool. We have to check it often as the sea creatures keep changing! Dominik enjoyed finding fish in the rock pool, they make a loud flapping sound when they were out of water!

This term we are trying really hard at our mark making skills. Lennon has enjoyed exploring all the different messy play trays, however he is consistently choosing the tuna to explore and find fish in!

We have lots of lovely seaside books to share as a class, Archie is working really hard at making choices about which story he would like to share by choosing from objects of reference. ‘The Jolly Olly Octopus’ is proving a firm favourite, Archie is now activating a switch so he can join in too!

We look forward to continuing our topic after half term, we are going to start learning all about the beach and all the different sights, sounds and tastes you can find there!

Exploring everything around the home!

Starfish class have kicked off their topic exploring everything around the home. We started the term thinking about who is in our family and creating our own family trees. We enjoyed sharing these with our friends and talking about who is in our family.

We have listened to different stories about The Large Family elephants and made some elephants of our own. Just like in ‘Mr Large is in charge’, we have set about and tried different cleaning activities. Dominik enjoyed washing up, splashing the water and being tickled by the washing up brush! Archie and Lennon have been cleaning all the windows and screens, they were brilliant at stretching their arms out!

After listening to ‘A Piece of cake’ we have explored lots of different cooking activities. We have made lots of noise with pots and pans and sung songs about all the different foods we could cook. We took a trip to Tesco to choose our ingredients to make our own banana splits. Daisy was brilliant at using her hands to mash all the ingredients together.

We cannot wait to read more stories and try our hand at DIY and gardening next! We also are going to have some visits from different pets and think about what we need to do to look after them.

Busy starting our first topic!

Starfish class have enjoyed getting to know each other this first half term! We hav been very busy starting our first topic ‘If you go down to the woods today’, focussing on our first book ‘Goldilocks and the 3 bears’.

We have made different types of 3 bears porridge. Archie loved stirring the porridge, whereas Lennon enjoyed putting his hands in it! Especially when it was warm!

We have shared the story and song together, this was especially funny on the resonance board. Dominik has enjoyed exploring the different sounds from the story, particularly Daddy bear’s growl!

The three bears house is in the woods, so we have explored different things you may find in the woods. Daisy enjoys feeling the textures with her feet.

After half term we are going to learn about the story ‘Stick Man’. We have a few trips planned too, we cannot wait to get out and explore!

Starfish class celebrated Halloween in style!

We decided to throw a party and invite some of our friends from Sealions class. We explored and decorated pumpkins, Archie enjoyed feeling the cold seeds inside. Dexter and Beau loved painting it!

We created our own chocolate apples using melted chocolate and a choice of sweets. Dominik enjoyed smelling and licking the chocolate and so did Lucy!

We bobbed for apples and floating eye balls! Sami was especially good at getting them out!

It was lovely to get together with some of our friends. When they had gone, Starfish made trick or treat cards to send home. Lennon and Izzy found the paint very cold on their feet!