Out and about in the community!

As part of our humanities sessions Stingray class have been out and about in the community. We have had great fun walking down to Milton park, looking at places in our local environment. Everyone has had the opportunity to walk to the shops to use money in real situations, buying snacks, treats and drinks for the class and our friends.

Learning About Space

Stingray class have had a fantastic half term! They have all really enjoyed learning about space. They have turned into astronauts using rockets to blast off into orbit! Denim made a great astronaut and kept telling the rest of the pupils he was coming to their rescue.  Our English and Maths work has come to life with the use of a range of space themed props, the pupils in Stingray class make the most of every opportunity to dress up!

The class have been very lucky and have worked with Neil Tregar to explore clay and create moonscapes, rockets and aliens. The pupils worked hard using tools to create alien faces.

A fantastic term!

Stingray class have had a fantastic term. Everyone worked hard and enjoyed the Pirate theme, there were lots of opportunities to dress up and Theo looked brilliant with a big grey beard! Grace had a great time hunting for gold, with some help she was able to use a sieve and found it funny when the sand went everywhere. Donald helped by sorting the gold into piles and sharing out a given number. Great work everyone! Looking forward to next term and our new topic ‘Star Trekking’.

The Pirate topic so far!

Steering the ship, scrubbing the deck and stealing treasure! Everyone has dressed up as scary pirates, most making choices on what they want to wear. In English the pupils have loved the pirate journey book, finding a treasure map and going on an adventure. In DT the whole class have made boats from different materials which they then test in science to find out if they float or sink. Stingray class are looking forward to continuing the topic after half term.

Sports and Movement Festival

This week Stingray class had the opportunity to attend a sports and movement festival. They got to bounce on the big trampoline, Denim thought this was fantastic! The whole class worked on their ball skills and had a football match where the green team won thanks to Theo’s big kick! They got to end the day stretching and moving in the soft play and sensory rooms, Louis was incredibly chilled. A big thanks to Kirsty for arranging a fantastic day