Turtle Class have had a great term enjoying all things ‘Fairground’

Arthur, Grace and Alisha have loved interacting with adults acting out stories with our Peppa Pig Fairground toys. Adding figurines to the rides and watching them spin round “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

Jayden, Isaac and Harry have enjoyed challenging each other with fairground games – trying to knock as many tin cans or coconuts off their stands and being VERY pleased with the result!

Ben and Maddison loved designing and creating their own ‘fairground treats’ from Candy Floss to Toffee Apples.

Everyone in Turtle Class loved our visit to Clarence Pier Arcade, posting two pence pieces into a machine and watching to see if anything happens. Harry and Alisha were experts at this game.

Wow what a fun topic!

Horse riding!

This term Turtles have been horse riding to support the humanities, PSHE and maths curriculum. They have been encouraged to follow a range of instructions from directions to keeping safe – remembering not to walk behind a horse and to always wear a helmet.

Maddison, Harry and Isaac were naturals and were quick to ask for the horse to go faster. By the end of sessions all three of them were happy to trot with a horse. They could name the horse they wanted to ride and describe both its colour and size.

Jayden and Grace were very proud of themselves and would watch themselves in the mirror as they rode past and call out to adults to look at them.

Alisha, Arthur and Ben were big fans of the mechanical horse. Arthur and Ben particularly enjoyed it when the horse went faster and soon learnt which buttons to press to make this happen.

Everyone engaged with the stable hands to brush the mud from the horses hair and ensure they had enough to eat and drink.

This has been a great opportunity for the pupils in Turtle class to comment on differences in type, size and colour as well as learning how to care for animals.

Turtle Class have loved the beginning of our fairground topic!

Everyone has enjoyed engaging in a variety of fairground games including Hook a Duck, Tin Can Alley and the Coconut Shy. Pupils have responded with a great amount of independence to simple visual, verbal and auditory instructions in how to play each game.

The range of activities have also encouraged pupils to develop their motor skills whilst responding to both their own actions and the actions of others. Many Turtle pupils have an excellent throwing arm!

All of these games have supported our work on sequencing and counting and labelling amounts. These games have definitely brought out the competitive nature in everyone in Turtle Class!