Welcome to Dolphin Class, we are seven very happy pupils, six boys and one girl who are all very lively and enthusiastic learners. Our topic this term is “Mind, Body and Soul.” There is an old Proverb that says “The body heals with play, the mind with laughter and the spirit with joy.” This topic is helping us come to terms with all that has happened to us and is very much the Dolphin way of coping with the very turbulent times we all have been experiencing! Dolphin class will be focusing on fun and exciting ways to learn about how to keep their bodies healthy- so lots of exercising and outdoor activities like swimming, kayaking and participating in forest schools.

Summer Term Newsletter:

How we read in Dolphin Class:

This term so far in Dolphin Class:

During our kayaking sessions Dolphins have learnt to cooperate and work together. Also to use a paddle to move the kayak through the water. They have progressed to playing a game eg: throwing a ball to one another in the kayak. Dolphins have demonstrated great teamwork and had great fun enjoying being on the lake. Well done Dolphins!