Welcome to Octopus Class, we are six happy pupils, two boys and four girls who love to learn.  We have worked hard to settle in our class and get to know all the staff and our new friends.  We all learn in different ways and have enjoyed all the topics so far this year.  We roared with the dinosaurs in autumn term and enjoyed learning about lots of different fairy tales in the spring term.  This term we are learning to be happy and healthy and so far we have explored lots of different foods, some healthy and some that are just delicious.

Summer Term Newsletter:

How we read in Octopus Class:

This term so far in Octopus Class:

Come and join our class today,

We’re learning about food I heard teacher say,

It tastes so nice, I hear you shout,

It looks great too, we have no doubt,

Some had sausage, some had cake

We even made a nice milkshake,

It had some cherries on the top,

We didn’t want the lesson to stop.

The food was sampled, the time went fast,

We really do have the very best class.