Welcome to Adventure Class! We are a very lively, chatty and helpful bunch of pupils who love to tell jokes and sing karaoke (especially Disney songs). We are a typical bunch of teenagers and you can often find us colouring or jumping on the minibus to explore new locations. We are working very hard on our independence this year and have learnt valuable life skills such as how to cross a road, make our own snacks and how to wash up. In the classroom we like to complete puzzles and play turn taking games with our friends.

Summer Term Newsletter:

How we read in Adventure Class:

This term so far in Adventure Class:

Adventure Class have been super busy researching all about New Horizons School in Ghana. We have been enjoying reading all about the lessons they learn at New Horizons School and about the amazing products they make to sell in their shop.

We have had a go at recreating some of their products. Our favourites, have been weaving baskets and tie dye. We have had to learn different techniques around tie dye and have been following step by step instructions to help us along the way. We are hoping to put our tie dye skills to good use and make some t-shirts to wear to a Ghanaian festival.