Welcome to Daring Class: we take pride is our creativity and group games. We love to demonstrate how fun and energetic we can be in all lessons. A group favourite is Lego Therapy where we communicate with our friends, or projects in the art room. If you come into our class, you’ll see our fantastic work displayed proudly on our ‘work washing lines’!

Summer Term Newsletter:

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This term so far in Daring Class:

Daring Class are loving our topic ‘New Horizons’, we have currently explored Ghana and are now learning about the New Horizons School that is located there. In food studies we have loves making ‘Ghanaian meat pasties’ for us to explore and try. Our art lessons are proving opportunities to use lots of bright colours to resemble their Kente fashion! We look forward to exploring the enterprises New Horizon School have, as well as experiencing our own Mary Rose Academies – in the future Daring Class will make fantastic chefs in Pebbles Café or work in Southsea Sanders to show off how creative we are!

Daring Class have their own aspiring employee for 20th Century Fox - check out the amazing 3D paper models