We are Mayflower… a fun, engaging and lively class! We love sensory exploration and being outdoors. Some of our favourite activities are cooking, swimming and Attention Autism!

Mayflower Summer Newsletter

How we read in Mayflower Class 

This term so far in Mayflower

This Summer Term has seen exciting changes with Mayflower! Not only have we been getting to know our new teacher Jenny, we have also gained an amazing sensory corner in our classroom which we have loved exploring.

Our topic ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go’ has helped us with these changes and our transitions in the future. For our Stunning Start, we explored Sixth Form Enterprises through sensory items, we had fun dressing up in different uniforms to explore future aspirations and we created portraits of ourselves and our friends using jigsaws.

Through the story ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go’ we have explored ‘aiming high’ by decorating our own hot air balloons in Art, participating in our very own Mayflower Guinness World Records and getting to know other successful individuals from the local area using our computer skills on Jigsaw.

Next half term, we are looking forward to exploring the ‘World of Work’ further through activities related to Sixth Form Enterprises. We are also currently designing a sensory area in the Secondary garden and look forward to creating this space for everyone to enjoy this Summer.