Welcome to Warrior Class! We love to explore the world around us using all of our senses! Our favourite things to do is dance and make music and show off all of our hard work on our displays. We are preparing for our transition to Sixth Form and we enjoy being able to participate in Work related activities such as coking and gardening. 

Warrior Summer Newsletter

How we read in Warrior Class

This Term so far in Warrior Class

Warrior Class have had a great return to learning! We are exploring our future pathways at Mary Rose and developing all of our skills we will need for when we reach Sixth Form and beyond. We are learning how to use new tools such as electric whisks and cheese graters to support us in in café. The best part about working in food studies is eating the products we made! Warrior have also been able to start their own enterprise making garden decorations we are going to be running a stall towards the end of the year and we are very excited to show off all of our hardwork!