Hello readers! We are Wimbledon class. This year we have been working hard to learn life skills and have practiced this through the Upper Secondary Options programme where we have taken part in activities including gardening, food studies, music and health and fitness. We are working towards gaining Life skills qualifications, which we can use in the future to show people the skills we have acquired. Currently in work experience, we are clearing a space to make a wellbeing garden, as well as making tasty treats to sell in the Pebbles café. All of these skills will help us when we move up to Sixth Form and start running businesses.

Summer Term Newsletter 

How we read in Wimbledon Class

This term so far in Wimbledon Class 

This term’s topic is ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go!’ Wimbledon class are looking at the amazing achievements of others, including exploring the ‘Guinness World Records’ and looking at other achievements made by local people. We are holding our own ‘Wimbledon World Records’ and already have some class record holders, including for ‘the fastest Capri Sun drinker’, ‘the most socks put on one foot in 30 seconds’ and ‘the most beans eaten with a cocktail stick in one minute’. We are enjoying challenging ourselves to beat our personal targets. We are also continuing to practice our life skills through sessions such as food studies and work experience to help prepare us for the next steps in our lives and transition after year 11.