Mary Rose School Council

SHOUT helps us to communicate our views about the school and to come up with ideas for ways to make school even better. We also organise special events and fundraising events such as Children in Need Day, Christmas Jumper Day and our annual Sponsored Walk. It helps us to feel good about ourselves and to develop our organisational and leadership skills.

Our 6th Form Tutor Groups and Secondary Classes are each represented by a SHOUT representative who communicates the views of their class at the SHOUT meeting.

SHOUT meets as a group regularly and we are often joined by one or two of our governors. We have a small budget to spend every year and it’s fun deciding what to spend it on.

Every year 2 members of SHOUT represent our school on the Council of Portsmouth Students (COPS). In this way we can share thoughts and ideas with all Portsmouth Schools. We also teach them how to sign and often hold the meetings in our school so we can show them around.