Adventure class have been busy getting to know each other during lots of creative, fun activities this week. With lots of new pupils joining the class, we have taken the opportunity to welcome Naasif, Zachery, Jake, Antoneta, Maggie and Rosie to Mary Rose Academy. We have built towers out of spaghetti and marshmallows and Jake was extremely proud of his. The whole class were so focussed concentrating on expanding their structure you could hear a pin drop in the classroom…. And they didn’t even try and eat the marshmallows! We have started each morning with some dancing to Black Eyed Peas, ‘’I gotta feeling’’ and Antoneta, Rosie and Jake have mastered some of the moves already. Benny and Lily, who joined Adventure last year have enjoyed helping their new friends find equipment in the classrooms and shown them where to put their bags and coats in the morning. We are all looking forward to exploring our learning through many exciting adventures!