Exploring Our Community

Adventure class have been exploring ‘Our Community’. We have been looking at what makes Portsmouth and the surrounding areas so special. Some of our favourite places include Clarence pier, Southsea beach, Fort Purbrook and the nearby castles. Adventure class went to explore Southsea castle, we did a treasure hunt to find things such as ‘turrets, canons and arrow slits’. Our favourite thing was the bridge over the old moat. We finished our trip with a sit on the beach for snack time and collected some beautiful shells. In English we have been exploring poetry linked to the topic and in maths we have been using money in practical situations. On Monday afternoons, we have been kayaking down at the lake exploring all the sights and sounds. We are excited to explore other areas unique to our community.

Busy With Our New Topic

Adventure have been working hard this half term. We have been busy with our new topic dot com learning all about the history of technology and communication. The class have experimented with making quills and sending emails to different people using the PC. We have also enjoyed learning all about the different parts of a computer and how to keep ourselves safe online. In PE we have been doing gymnastics and enjoying some time out on the bikes whilst the weather has got a little better. In English we have been writing horoscopes and learning about the zodiac to put our articles on our Key Stage 3 website to display our efforts. On Mondays we have enjoyed swimming and next half term we are back at the Fort to practice our archery skills which we are looking forward to.

Out of space!

‘Out of Space’ has been a particularly enjoyable topic to teach and learn about this term, especially researching the planets, the moon and the celestial star: the sun! Our favourite has to have been learning about Neil Armstrong, the first man to land on  the moon. We used our empathetic skills to imagine how one would feel about to blast off from NASA in a huge space shuttle and also how one would feel a little ‘different’ for a while, just as Tim Peake did, when returning to Earth in June 2016.

We also enjoyed looking at natural phenomena and made our own indoor volcano watching it erupt with sound effects in the background. Also, how our land looks so different from above and the further you travel how the earth becomes a sphere of different colours in the darkness of space and how natural living things change throughout the seasons such as trees and their leaves; they made their own leaf mobiles (insects included) to be hung outside. Great work this term Adventure!

What a busy start Adventure have had to this autumn term!

Learning the order of planets from the sun, dressing up as Neil Armstrong and flying to the moon; not to mention exploring the four different seasons and climates around the world. It has been really enjoyable to come together as one team for another ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ (our class song by Coldplay), but this time in space. We hopefully plan to visit the Tim Peake exhibition in January after it opens at the Novium museum in Chichester in December.

Lots of different types of creations have appeared with the budding artists in the class; Aymene, Harry and Samir particularly whilst Maisy, Abbey and Boo have taken it upon themselves to really teach the boys how to dance!!.....although they always end up with a ‘chain’ linking together in friendship. It really is a joy to watch in person.

My Golden Moment of the first half term has to be Harry getting up out of his seat and joining in when a Ceilidh folk group came to visit. Impressive to say the least.