Discovery class have returned to school full of curiosity and enthusiasm.

The focus of the week has been to make that both students and staff feel comfortable in their new environment and getting to know one another. Meeting new people can be unnerving, regardless of how old you are. So the focus for activities have been to encourage team work, collaboration and fun!!!

The highlight of the week has been a building and design challenge using marshmallows and spaghetti. The instructions that Discovery Class had to follow were

  1. Work together using the materials- spaghetti and marshmallows
  2. Build the tallest free standing tower
  3. The structure you create must stand up.

Wow what a challenge! As well as making students feel comfortable with each other, they are also a great way of finding out more about individuals’ strengths and personalities. We discovered that there are many ways of building towers using spaghetti and marshmallows. We began to ask lots of questions for example- How do they make the buildings stay up? Why don't they fall over? How do they get them so high? How did they make it that shape? We learnt naturally about 3-dimensional shapes and some of their uses whilst building in this way. It was great for their fine-motor skills and for testing and experimenting.

A big thank you to pupils and staff making me feel very much at home.