Fearless web article

Fearless class have had a brilliant start to the term.  Ollie came into school full of smiles and giggles, he said that he had really missed his friends over the holidays.  Ben came into class really tired as he is a typical teenager and has slept in, over the holidays and didn’t want to wake up so early, however as soon as he realised he was back with his friends in school he was full of laugher.  Harriet was very excited to see her friends especially some of the new friends in her class.  John likes his new classroom and all the different areas and had worked hard exploring all of them.  Julia loved being out of her chair in the sensory corner with Harriet, it looks like they will stick together, girl power!  All the pupil in class have taken part in some class team building  activities ranging from making the Fearless logo and stencilling anchors to swimming in the pool.   We are all very excited to be back at school and are looking forward to starting our new topic new week which is Cirque Du Soleil.

Learning about internet shopping

Fearless class have used their topic 'Dot.com' to find about internet shopping. They then used this information to help them when they visited the fort.  They had the opportunity to experience archery with a difference, they used a special bows that needed them to pull a rope to fire an arrow and a shop logo target. 


Some pupils were working on showing anticipation to the arrow being fired, some were able to match the shop logo to a symbol, others matched the shop logo to items that they could find in the shop. 


Perry, Charlie, Lucy and Alfie were able to name all the shops and match the symbols to the target.


Harriet, Olivia, Charlie and Ollie were able to independently pull the rope to activate the arrow and they recognised some of the logos. 


Callum and Lois showed they understood the cause and effect of pulling the rope on the bow by pulling it as soon as they could.


Ben was very competitive and directed Katie through his eye movements to help him fire the arrow to the target he wanted.


Josh and Woody showed great anticipation to the noise of the arrow hitting the target and smiled as they were helped to pull the rope.  Byron and Aurora were a bit nervous of the noise at first but then both gave wonderful smiles to show they were enjoying themselves too.


The class have enjoyed getting to go out of school on the minibus and learn in a different way. 

A Magnificent Term

Fearless class have had a magnificent term, they have all thrived on being a wonderful big team.  They have taken part in a sponsored walk which raised money for school and dressed up as people from the 70s which was great fun.  They also dressed up and did lots of activities for Red Nose Day.  A highlight of their term was going out on a trip to Keydale Garden Centre to record their Christmas video.  Some of the pupils have taken part in an amazing PMLD sports festival, they had opportunities to go in the sensory room, take part in rebound therapy along with lots of other fun sports.  They also met with other schools and all got a medal for working so well. 

I wonder what’s in store for the class next term?

Fearless Class

Fearless class have enjoyed the start to the new year at school.  This term their topic is about space, and they have been exploring planets, rockets and flags to place on the moon as part of the topic launch.  Each pupil was asked what they liked best.  Some of the pupils replied verbally and others showed us what they liked by their body language.  

Port team

Alfie made the planet mars.  Alfie was able to remember the colour of his planet, it was the red planet.

Ben didn’t like the feel of the papier-mâché but he was happy to direct someone, using eye gaze, to help him.

Harriet likes her new class.  She loved coming out of her chair in the soft sensory area of the classroom and played with the balls and looked at the books.

Lucy enjoyed painting the space man and wanted to use two colours.

Ollie hasn’t stopped smiling since he’s been in his new class.  He couldn’t choose his favourite activity that he has done this week as he has enjoyed them all.

Perry painted a space man to go in the sensory area and he painted it green.  

Starboard team

Aurora enjoyed painting the spaceman, she chose silver for his suit but she wanted some glitter in the paint.

Byron has been full of smile while getting to know all the new people in the room. He enjoyed making a flag to place on the moon.

Callum liked the new program on the computer.

Charlie independently picked up a tool to make his marks on the flag.

Lois enjoyed being in control of the space ship and was happy reaching for all the shiny buttons.

Olivia liked the painting best, she was happy sponging the paint onto the flag.

Woody was very happy in class and engaged well with painting.