We are now Invincible class, we are very excited to be part of Secondary.  Nicola is our new Teacher and Carol, Adam and Jess are our Teaching Assistants.  In our class we have seven children; Theo, Tasnim, Louis, Channay, Grace, Denim and Donald.  We are all different and enjoy doing different things, however we all like learning outside and moving around lots!
We learn through a sensory curriculum and do lots of feeling, looking, listening, smelling and tasting.  Music is a big part of our class and we particularly enjoy dancing in the mornings to make sure our bodies and brains are awake and ready to learn!
This week we have been busy exploring our new classroom and getting to know our new adults.  Now we are in Secondary we are learning to be more independent and have been given jobs to help around the classroom. 
Our topic this term is Cirque Du Soleil so we will be enjoying watching and listening to performances, making costumes, role playing, working at the circus and even doing our own show!