Community Spirit in Local Parks!

Mayflower class has been working really hard in the first half of the summer term. We have welcomed a new teaching assistant called Hayley into the class and been taking part in lots of different activities.

The class have been looking at our community and the focus so far has been the parks we have in the local area. Ben and Daddy have visited Milton park with their options group playing rounder’s and stopping off for a well-deserved drink at the café. We have been looking at the different vocabulary we might need at the park. This will help us when we all visit various parks next half term.

In food studies some of the class have been preparing food for a tea party at the park. Billy and Gavin have been showing great control using various equipment to create the treats to share with friends. Lenny and Josh have been creating some fabric placemats in DT for the tea party and showing great progress using a needle and thread.

We have also enjoyed lots of art sessions outside the classroom creating masterpieces and a little bit of mess along the way Safraz and Kwan have especially enjoyed this. The second part of the summer term looks to be very busy but with vast amounts of fun to be had along the way. We will be looking at the seaside and how are bodies work in science. In maths we will also be visiting some shops to practice our money handling skills. The year will then culminate in our summer show performance before a much needed rest after another fantastic year in Mayflower class.


Computers In Everyday Life

Mayflower class has had a great 1st half of the spring term and all the pupils have been working really hard throughout. We have welcomed two new teaching assistants to the team and Ella and Alain have been a great addition to Mayflower class.

Our topic this term is called DOT.COM which has had a focus on computers in everyday life and how they can be used. We have started our technological adventure by creating adverts using video software on the IPAD. In English the class has been looking at our meal times and the vocabulary that is incorporated within breakfast and dinner. This has been the basis for our scripts to film our adverts with. Ben and Daddy have very much enjoyed being in front of the camera.

In maths this half term the focus has been on the process of creating our own cereal that was also used in our advert. We have been measuring, weighing, counting and sorting to prepare a healthy cereal that prepares you for the start of the day. Lenny and Josh liked exploring the scales and measuring out ingredients. In science we have been looking at noise and how sound can be recorded and manipulated to create weird and wonderful musical masterpieces. Kwan, Gavin and Billy have enjoyed hearing the sounds created and looking at some old listening devices.  

Next term we will be creating our dinner adverts, making electrical circuits and using some animation software. It will be a busy six weeks and lots of fun to be had along the way.

Autumn term enjoying our topic

Mayflower class has had a really great second half to the Autumn term enjoying our topic  ‘Out of the world’. The class has continued to read an original text that follows ‘Mayflowers Journey to Space’ and in this half term instalment we had to look for Ben who had escaped the shuttle before we could take off. We met some very strange creatures and packed some very interesting things in our suitcases. Lenny especially enjoyed being able to write new parts of the story.


In science Mayflower have been looking at natural phenomena and creating mini volcanos, tropical habitats and fizzy planets. We have been making reactions take place using lots of different ingredients which Gavin and Kwan very much liked to see what would happen. Some of the class has also been attending Life with Art sessions where we have made watercolour paintings, firework art and 3D animals. Ben and Safraz showed some great independent skills to work in a very different environment.


For anti-bullying week the class made a video about our friends in Mayflower and acted out scenes with peers. Billy and Josh definitely got the acting bug and wanted to be in every scene. Mayflower also made a video based on ‘A Christmas Carol’ for the carol service and finished off the story by filming Scrooge waking up to believing in the Spirit of Christmas. It was great fun to make and Daddy made a fantastic Ebenezer and had some help from friends in Adventure Class.  


The Autumn term as a whole has been really positive and all the pupils have shown progress while having a lot of fun on the way. We all look forward to the Spring term and to seeing the achievements that will be made.

Mayflower class have been working really hard so far this term and created some fantastic pieces of work. New friendships have formed in the group and a lot of fun has been had over the past six weeks.

We have really enjoyed investigating our “Out of the World” topic in all subjects to look beyond the earth and into the depths of space. The class has been reading an original text that follows “Mayflowers Journey to Space” and all the adventures to be had along the way. The pupils have really liked seeing themselves in the book as well as taking part in group reading where we use props to make the story come alive. Josh, Safraz and Lenny enjoyed following staff with actions. We will all be looking forward to part 2 and 3 after half term.

In science we have investigated dark and light along with the planets in the solar system as well as the stages in the moons cycle. Kwan and Ben liked experimenting with a light box. Pupils in DT have been making frames and decorating with wooden moons and stars. The class have been sanding, using the glue gun and priming each frame. Gavin was able to use the glue gun all on his own.

In maths we have been getting out of the class to begin to use number in our environment. The group has investigated shapes in the playground, counting and sorting PE equipment and following symbol routines. Daddy and Billy have especially like showing their understanding of counting outside.

So far the Autumn term has been great and very positive progress has been made which is fantastic to see so early on. We have lots of exciting activities planned up until the winter break from making fizzing planets and natural phenomena in science to creating a “War of the Worlds” themed movie in English. All the staff in Mayflower class are very proud of each or our pupils progress.