On Friday 8th November Victory class visited the Gosport play gallery. While this was a first trip for some new pupils to Victory class, many of the pupils who had been before threw themselves back into the experience!

Pupils enjoyed the sensory water tiles, lying, stepping, dancing and sliding on them watching the coloured water move as they did. The textured floor was still a firm favourite and pupils took off their shoes to get the full experience of feeling the different textures as they walked.

Pupils also liked the mirrors. Some were at a right angle and some were flat but multicoloured. Victory class certainly like looking at themselves!

Thank you to the Gopsort play gallery for accommodating us again. We look forward to next time.

Victory Class have had a very successful start to the Autumn term! We welcomed back returning pupils and were excited to have new ones join us. Morna, Jess and Liam also welcomed Mary to the team. We’ve have enjoyed establishing class expectations and routines and getting to know all of our new friends.

There have been great social opportunities too, after a move around of our classroom furniture, for the pupils to really settle, find their own space and engage with the learning environment. This year we really hope to develop our independence and communication and of course have fun and embrace new opportunities.

Victory class love being back at school and have celebrated a 16th birthday already!