Road safety and rules of the road

Wembley class has been working on road safety and learning the rules of the road. We have been going out and about in the community to practice what we have learnt as well as getting some exercise. The class has been fantastic and showed the staff how mature they can be when walking around the roads near to the school. As the weather improves we will be going further afield and investigating the local sites Portsmouth has to offer. In options Life management group we have visited a few cafes this term  to practice money skills, and how to order food and drink  and also to  have a well-deserved drink with friends.

 Fantastic start to the autumn term

Wembley class has enjoyed had a fantastic start to the autumn term and enjoyed three days of exciting activities to kick off our new school year.

We welcomed new and old friends to the class as well as four new staff to make up the Wembley team. Bethany, Scott, Katie and Zoe were very excited to meet their new class mates Khalid, Maisy, Abbey and Harry. We stated our first day with a getting to know you art session where the class had time to talk about what they did in the summer and create some pictures to show this.

The class went on a scavenger hunt around the playground looking for clues to see what lessons and activities we will be taking part in this year. We worked in groups and it was fantastic to see how quickly the pupils were interacting positively and helping new friends.

Wembley has been using their culinary skills to make sweet and savoury pastries and even had time to get a game of rounder’s in. It has been a great start with all the pupils fitting in really well and friendships are forming as our new adventure takes place.     


Busy start to the new year

Wembley Class have had a really busy start to 2017. Our theme of “It’s All Local” has seen us getting out and about in the local community as well as creating a book about our school. We focused upon pizzas in our Maths and English lessons and  using the phone to make and receive pizza  orders and then cooking ur own pizzas in the sixth form common room and serving them to our friends. Having suitable practise we then travelled to Gunwarf Quays and did a morning of work experience as Pizza Chefs at Pizza Express! We learnt all about the job of the waitress and the pizza chef and got to make our own pizzas after we had washed our hands and dressed the part of course!

Moving to our new upstairs classroom

Busy getting out and about in the community

This term Wembley Class have been very busy getting out and about in the community. We have made regular trips to Tescos in Fratton. We take with us a shopping list and buy lunches and essential items for other members of staff. When we have made our purchases we make use of TESCOs brilliant community room where we have been doing some one to one work. This means we are not just practising our money skills at Tescos but all sorts of other things from navigating around the store completing a treasure hunt to learning to ask for help when we need it. We also took part in the National Film festival going to Gunwharf Quays cinema and enjoying a leisure time activity. We are looking forward to next term when our topic is “All Things Local” which will give us even more opportunities to explore our local community!

Wembley class have made a fantastic start to the term. We celebrated moving to our new upstairs classroom by engaging in the egg parachute activity.

Scott was worried the eggs would break and Shannon suggested were crazy! Luckily we worked in pairs to build each egg a soft cushion and a strong parachute before we dropped them from a great height. Zoe and Farzana threw their egg the furthest and were excited to see it fly off towards the car park. We reused some disposable cups, old newspaper and unwanted carrier bag to keep our eggs safe and proved that your can make useful things from stuff other people might throw away.

This fits with our “It’s a green green world” theme and we will be finding many more things to reuse and recycle this term. Because our parachutes were so successful we had lots of eggs left over. We don’t want to waste anything so we worked together to make some lovely cheese omelettes to share with our friends. Katie enjoyed cutting the cheese into really small pieces while Jack whisked his eggs and Bethany used her steady hands to pour the mixture into our cupcake maker. Harry gave the omelette a double thumbs up when he tasted them and they were all soon eaten so we might be making some more soon.

We are really looking forward to an action packed term.