Mary Rose Link with New Horizons Special School in Accra, Ghana

Mary Rose Link with New Horizons Special School in Accra, Ghana

The link was set up in 2006 when Matthew Beane, the son of our Executive headteacher, went on an international placement to Ghana. He not only worked in the school for 3 months, specifically supporting them with the teaching of young people with autism but also started the process through which we began our support and partnership with the school.

The school was set up by Mrs Salome Francois in 1972. It is a voluntary day school providing education for children and vocational training and employment for adults with a wide range of special educational needs. Their ages range from 4yrs to 40 yrs.

Over the years we have developed strong links with the pupils and staff, sharing greetings cards, examples of work, traditional crafts and photographs.

Our work includes

  • Raising funds to send resources to the school, usually at Harvest Time. We send basic items such as paper, colouring pencils, CD's, sensory toys
  • Arranging for large pieces of equipment to be shipped out eg standing frames, wheelchairs, work chairs that are no longer of use to our families
  • Setting up links between classes who send letters, artwork, cards and pieces of writing to each other
  • Arranging a training programme for their staff when they visit the UK (on 3 occasions)
  • Arranging visits to the school for our staff ( 2 so far)
  • Hosting the principle Madame┬áSalome Francois when she honoured us with a visit

In the summer holiday of 2016 two of our teaching assistants visited the school in their summer holiday, volunteering for 2 weeks. They had a brilliant time and were made to feel really welcome. They brought us cards and gifts made in the school workshops which are beautiful and they have been given provide of place in our school display.

It is really good for our pupils and families to realise how much they have compared with children at New Horizons School. To make new friends and to learn about the culture in West Africa and find out about the education of pupils with special needs. Mrs Francois emails and telephones us regularly, making sure that the links continue to strengthen and grow.