Calendar for Academic Year 2018

8th January  2018

First day of Spring Term

9th January 2018

Secondary Stunning Start
Themed Day

10th January 2018

Primary Stunning Start
Themed Day

20th-29th January 2018

Skiing Residential - Italy

6th February 2018

ASC Primary Sports Festival

8th February 2018


9th February 2018


12th-16th February 2018

Half Term 

19th February 2018

Return to School

28th February 2018

Rock Challenge

1st March 2018

World Book Day

16th March 2018

Staff Professional Development Day - School Closed

19th-23rd March 2018

Sports Relief Week

24th March 2018

South Coast Bikers

26th-29th March 2018

Calvert Trust Residential

27th March 2018

Secondary Fantastic Finish
Themed Day

28th March 2018

Primary Fantastic Finish
Themed Day

29th March 2018

End of Term

16th April 2018

First Day of Term

16th-20th April 2018

Arts Week

24th April 2018

Secondary Stunning Start
Themed Day

25th April 2018

Primary Stunning Start
Themed Day

14th-18th May 2018

UKSA Residential

21st-25th May 2018

KS2 Residential

24th-25th May 2018

MFL Day(s)

28th May – 1st June 2018

Half Term