September 3rd 

Staff Professional Development Day

September 4th

Staff Professional Development Day


Phased returns from 7th - 10th  September

September 7th & 8th

Lantern Pupils Return to School

September 7th

Year 12 Explorer Pupil Transition Coffee Morning 10:00 am -11:00 am

September 7th 

6th Form Staff Professional Development Day (School Closed to Sixth Form Students not Year 12 Explorers)

September 7th 

New Primary Parent/Teacher Meetings  - am

September 7th

New Secondary Parent/Teacher Meetings -pm

September 8th

All Secondary Pupils return including New Secondary Pupils who start at Mary Rose

September 8th

Year 12 Explorer Pupils Return to School

September 8th

Year 12 Craneswater Parent Coffee Morning 13:30 pm – 14:30 pm

September 8th

Primary Pupils Return to School

September 9th

New Primary Pupils start at Mary Rose

September 9th

Year 13-14 Explorer Pupils Return to School

September 9th

Year 12 Craneswater Pupils Return to School

September 10th

Year 13-14 Craneswater Pupils Return to School

September 14th

Sixth Form Enterprise Taster Days

September 15th

Secondary Stunning Start

September 16th

Primary Stunning Start

September 23rd

School Photographer

September 24th

School Photographer

September 24th

KS4/KS5 Dance Day

September 25th

School Photographer

September 30th

Wheelchair Clinic

October 2nd 

Sponsored Walk 11:00 - 12:00 pm

October 5th - 16th

Learning Walks/Progress Meetings

October 13th

Post 16 Future Pathways Coffee Morning

October 16th

RE Day

October 16th

Harvest Festival – 10:00 am


School Dentist (awaiting dates)

October 19th

Lantern Pupil Flu Inoculations

October 20th

MRA Pupil Flu Inoculations

October 21st

MRA Pupil Flu Inoculations

October 21st


October 21st

Wheelchair Clinic

October 22nd 

Parents Evening - 17:30pm - 19:30 pm

October 26th - 30th  

Half Term Week

November 2nd  

Annual Reviews commence

November 6th

6th Form Remembrance week

November 13th 

Children in Need

November 16th

Focus on Friendship Week

November 18th

Wheelchair Clinic

November 26th

RE Day

December 1st  

Tree Dressing Assembly

December 2nd

Wheelchair Clinic

December 4th

Staff Wellbeing Day

December 5th

South Coast Bikers Charity Run 13:00 pm

December 7th

Primary and Secondary Fantastic Finish

December 9th

Sixth Form Christmas Fayre

December 9th

Christmas timetable until end of term

December 11th

Christmas Jumper Day

December 15th

Secondary Carol Concert 10:00 am

December 16th

Primary Christmas Show  13:30 pm

December 16th

End of School Reports go home

December 17th

Christmas Lunch and Staff Panto

December 18th

End of Term 13:00 pm finish Staff Shared lunch 13:15 pm

December 21st – Jan 1st

Christmas Holidays

 January 4th    First Day of Spring Term
 January 27th   RE Day
 February 2nd   MFL Day
 February 15th – 19th    Half Term Week
 March 4th   World Book Day
 March 12th   Red Nose Day
 March 19th    INSET Day
 1st April    1PM Finish
 2nd April -18th April  Easter Holidays
 April 19th   First Day of Summer Term
 May 3rd  May Day Bank Holiday
 May 31st – 4th June  Half Term Week
 June 14th   INSET Day
 June 24th  Sports Day - TBC
 July 2nd  INSET Day
 July 13th  13.30pm  Summer Show -13:30 - VIRTUAL
 July 14th 13.30pm  Summer Show -13:30 - VIRTUAL
 July 15th 6.30pm  Celebration Prom
July 16th Transition Morning including new pupils and parents
July 21st Primary Leavers/Achievers Assembly
July 22nd Sixth Form Leavers Celebration
July 23rd    Final Assembly 1pm finish
July 24th Summer Holidays