26th June 2017
Press release
Sun Safety

Sun Safety

Ready for the June heat wave Mary Rose had their annual sun safety assembly. Pupils came armed with suns they had made to bring lots of sunshine into the hall. New staff, donned with poncho’s, were smothered in sun cream by very helpful pupils in order to protect their skin from burning in the hot sun. Alan in Mayflower enjoyed having lots of sun cream rubbed into his beard by Bradley. Angie may never have to put sun cream on again thanks to Noah! All classes had brought sun cream with them and enjoyed putting it on their friends and staff. One pupil from each class took part in a sun hat and sunglasses parade to remind everyone to wear a hat and sunglasses to protect our head and eyes. The winner of the ‘coolest class’ was Fearless. Perry was wearing a great sun hat, covered in balloons with sun safety tips written on them. To help keep cool everyone made a fan, which was so useful as the hall was starting to get very hot. We were reminded by Adventure to class to sit in the shade. They had made a beautiful palm tree for us to sit under and keep cool whilst we sang. Finally, all classes had forgotten to bring water to drink, as we need to drink lots more water when it gets hot. Luckily Jo and Jess were on hand to spray water over everyone to help them stay cool.

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