A Farmer's Life for Me

A Farmer's Life for Me

Upper Primary Spring Topic “A Farmer’s life for me!” and the first part...

Upper Primary Spring Topic “A Farmer’s life for me!” and the first part of the project focused on Crops.  Activities included creating own version of - The Enormous Turnip- Pupils were really captivated by the work of Guiseppe Arcimboldo making artwork with fruit and vegetables.

This was followed by the story of the Little Red Hen who wanted to make some bread but no one wanted to help! So lots of persuading to join in and help with bread making activities! Activities included making a variety of sandwiches/pizzas/rolls.

A highlight of the topic was when we all visited Staunton Country Park and learnt what it was like to be a farmer for the day and help out with tasks on the farm included meeting, feeding and getting close to some of the friendly farm animals. We all did get brave and fed the animals- we held out our flat hands with food and waited!! It was a very busy day- we fed ponies, pigs, horses, goats. We discovered that working on the farm is hard work! We let off steam in George’s play barn using the climbing walls, fireman’s pole, a net bridge and slides.

Staff were really proud of our pupils who showed great resilience in their learning and how pupils behave in a respectful manner towards the animals. A big thankyou to the staff of Staunton Country Park for helping us.