Apple Assembly

Apple Assembly

Today in assembly we celebrated ‘Apple Day!’

Pupils arrived to an array of different appley things….apple sauce, apple puree, apple juice, apple crisps, sliced apple and whole apples. It all looked very inviting and a number of children tried apples for the first time! The apple crisps were a real hit too!

We learned about how apples grow and what they need to flourish in our British climate, as well as how they are a healthy choice for a snack.

We played a fun game, pupils rolled red apples and green apples down the ramp to see which apples rolled the furthest, green apples definitely won!

Wembley class had learned a brand new song in music, and they played hand chimes to help us sing along, it was a song all in French and everybody joined in. They played the hand chimes beautifully and we all enjoyed listening to the warm sound they created.

We hope you enjoy eating some delicious apples over half term