Arts Week

Arts Week

Key Stage 1 launched the Arts Week theme ‘Let There Be Light!’ with a bonfire party. Pupils from Sealions, Starfish, Puffins and Turtles came together to celebrate both the launch of the week and to share the bonfire treats they had created throughout the day.

Everyone in Turtle Class loved engaging with a range of new activities with friends from other classes. It was great to see pupils confidence developing – how they interacted with their peers, how they requested food items from unfamiliar adults and how they challenged themselves to engage in a new game (apple bobbing). Arthur loved the camp fire and requested more singing with the Ukulele’s whilst Harry, Ben and Grace challenged each other to game of Apple Bobbing – even if it meant using their hands when no one was looking!

Starfish Class were excited to meet lots of new friends. Maddison quickly joined them for a rendition of ‘Campfires burning’, she helped her friends Ananya, Lennon and Sammi to play the Ukulele. Archie quickly got stuck into exploring and tasting the popcorn!

Puffin Class really enjoyed the apple bobbing, learning how to take turns. Benjy really enjoyed eating the apples! Kaef loved exploring the winter clothes dressing up box; his favourite item of clothing was a hat! Everyone in Puffin Class was amazed by the ‘bonfire’, watching and learning not to touch it.

Sealion class had a great time at the bonfire party, they dressed up cosy in preparation for going outside. Sealions were in awe of the fabulous bonfire and enjoyed the authentic atmosphere made by singing campfire songs together. It was a great opportunity to interact with Starfish, Puffin and Turtle class whilst enjoying the sensory elements offered such as bobbing for the apple, popcorn and hot chocolate.