Be happy, be healthy assembly

Be happy, be healthy assembly

During our assembly we experienced lots of ways in which we can keep our hearts, bodies and minds happy and healthy.

We tasted lots of healthy snacks as an alternative to ‘junk food’. We tasted mini sweetcorn and mange tout, and had coleslaw to dip them in to. We also had delicious banana, followed by a small amount of chocolate as a treat to keep us happy.

Afterwards we needed to burn off our calories. We had a choice of taking part in Anti Gravity Yoga or dancing to the Banana song. It was a close call, but Mary Rose pupils and students chose the Banana song so Kirsty, Emily and Shannon led us in a very active rendition of peel, chop and smush banana.

Laughter is an important ingredient to happiness. Boo had been practicing her knock knock jokes all week with Amy and stood up in front of the whole assembly to tell us them. She had us in stitches and this time managed not to hit Mel in the head with the microphone!

Spending time with our friends keeps us happy too. So we high fived our friends and told them why we liked them. We finished with the importance of relaxing and chilling out. All week classes has been taking pictures of themselves ‘chilling’ so we looked at their photographs. There were great ones including Turtle Class at West Wittering beach, Adventure class having a meal together, Wembley Class re enacting their favourite show – The Voice, and Widley and Nelson class enjoying time in the garden with their friends.