Ceilidh comes to Mary Rose!

Ceilidh comes to Mary Rose!

Monday October 3rd the whole school were treated to some interactive performances by visiting musicians from “FolkActive”, a group that aims to encourage and enable individuals and groups of all ages to become active in traditional music, dance and folk arts.

The pupils listened to music played on the squeezebox, violin, cello and spoons; in fact the lady who played the spoons is not only famous for appearing in a TV advert but for mentoring our very own Neil Kefford during his training! The pupils danced and used body percussion to accompany pieces, sang and loved having a go on some melodeons. In addition to the whole school performances, two classes attended dance workshops and had great fun learning some traditional dances using bungees and parachutes!

Great fun was had by all and we hope to have further visits in the future.

Lynne Garrick

Music Teacher.