Children In Need

Children In Need

Friday the 16th was Children in Need day and as usual Mary Rose fully got into the swing of things.

Activities throughout the day, organised by the pupils and students of Shout! included a non-uniform day, collecting small change and a cake sale helping to raise nearly £300 for this great cause.

Our very special guest, Pudsey Bear, came to assembly with his fund raising bucket, and helped us raise more money by organising spotty shaped challenges.

Challenge 1, the hula hoop challenge, was won by Khalid from Wembley class. He then got to put his spare change into Pudsey’s fundraising bucket.

Challenge 2, the no handed donut eating challenge, was won by Jordan in the 6th form. Jordan then added more spare change to Pudsey’s fundraising bucket.

The final challenge, of the balloon keep yuppies, was hard to judge as the whole school took part, so on behalf of Mary Rose, Annie donated money to Pudsey’s fundraising bucket.

Well done to all who dressed up in something spotty and helped to raise such a lot of money for Children in Need 2018.