Dance Day 2018

Dance Day 2018

The Willow Plate Story...

Pupils and staff all met in the Hall excited ready to begin this year’s Rock Challenge journey starting with our introductory Dance Day. The day opened with everyone watching last year’s performance on the big screen to show new staff and pupils what Rock Challenge is all about!

We then introduced this year’s theme which will be based around The Willow Plate Story.

Next was our warm up where we all enjoyed dancing with our friends and took turns to lead some of the movements for everyone to follow. Pupils and staff then broke into three groups and took part in a carousel of different activities focussing on dance, creative movement and drama. Groups explored moving and creating ideas for performance to themes including birds, weather, Emperors, Princesses, fans and samurais.

Everyone enjoyed the day and worked really hard creating moves for the different genres of music before taking part in a whole group cool down.

Well done everyone!