Fruit Salad Days!

Fruit Salad Days!

Wembley class have developed their maths, independence and communication skills these last few weeks to create fruit salads.

They began the project following a recipe to collect set amounts of fruit, they then had to follow instructions as to how many slices each piece of fruit needed to be cut into. Katie was brilliant at this.

The following week pupils selected staff to ask if they would like to be made a fruit salad, all staff that were asked were very keen and students created order forms questioning how many pieces of each of the five fruits on offer they would like. Maisy found it funny that Sally Rogers didn’t want any oranges.

Students with staff collated the order and decided they needed to go shopping. The students travelled to the schools local greengrocers with their individual orders, identified the fruit they needed, took their items to the counter and exchanged money for their purchases.

Once back in school the students prepared their fruit salad orders and delivered them to the appropriate staff members. Abbey wanted to check with Sarah Cook that her order was right and listed each item.