Hidden Heroes

Hidden Heroes

Starfish welcomed new faces this term and are pleased to say...

Starfish welcomed new faces this term and are pleased to say that everyone has settled well.

The topic Brrrr It’s Cold has been loved by everybody with lots of opportunities to explore a range of sensory stimuli linked to polar experiences.  Pupils particularly enjoyed the arctic Tacpac’s, the sensory igloo and creating a sequence of polar bear foot prints.


Lower primary have had lots of fun this term investigating a range of different ‘Hidden Heroes’.


Puffin class loved dressing up and role playing their different job roles. They particularly enjoyed dressing up as police officers to search for stolen treasures and as builders, ensuring they were wearing the correct safety clothes and building a variety of different sized houses with their toolbox.

They even dressed up as postmen and delivered post to different people around the school.


Sea lions have really enjoyed taking turns whilst exploring the range of jobs linked to doctors, builders, farmers and firefighter. One of their favourite activities was building large houses and then knocking them down.


Turtle class have loved exploring all of the different Hidden Hero roles. They especially liked being doctors which gave pupils opportunity to dress up whilst also taking on the role of administering first aid which in many cases was bandaging dolls, teddies, and staff. Even Pepper the dog who came to visit left Turtle class with a bandaged leg.

We celebrated the end of the topic with a ‘Hidden Heroes’ hunt. Looking for clues that might help them find individual heroes and matching items, colours and sounds to the relevant job.

These skills are all going to come in very useful as next term pupils will be following instructions to make a range of magical recipes, potions and spells as part of our topic Enchanted Tales.