Inclusive Sports Leaders Training

Inclusive Sports Leaders Training

Today we had the pleasure of delivering some Inclusive Sports Leadership training at Mountbatten Centre to 17 students from Portsmouth College.

Khalid, Maisy and Boo all looked really smart in their Mary Rose Academy PE shirts as we welcomed everybody to the mornings training.

We began by thinking about how important clear communication is and how we might be able to communicate with each other in different ways, for example, talking, gesture, symbols and using sign language. We then had a go at learning some basic Makaton going through the alphabet and saying ‘Hello! My name is…’

The next activity was also based on communication and pupils had to split into pairs. One of the pair had to draw a picture without their partner seeing it. The artist then had to describe their picture to their partner without naming it to see if their partner could draw an accurate replica. This focussed on the importance of giving clear and specific instructions to someone.

Next we looked at the acronym STEPS (Space Task Equipment People Safety) and how we could use this as a tool to adapt different sports activities to include everyone part. We then split into 4 groups and worked together to collect equipment and set up one of 4 different adapted activities.

  • Obstacle relay
  • Balloon keepy uppy
  • Attack and defend boccia
  • Go to jail boccia

Groups worked together to explain and demonstrate their activity and then were challenged with thinking of different adaptions they could make to ensure that tasks were accessible for all pupils no matter what their ability.

Well done to everyone that took part and we look forward to welcoming our Sports Leaders soon to support us with our Sports Festivals!