Introducing your new SHOUT for 2016

SHOUT is the Mary Rose Academy student voice council. It’s role is to discuss whole school pupil issues and plan for projects and exciting events. We will meet once a month for an executive style working lunch where we can share our ideas.

Each secondary class holds elections to find their representative and we are excited to announce our new team!

  • Abbey representing Adventure
  • Garth representing Discovery
  • Lenny representing Mayflower
  • Louis representing Victory
  • Olivia representing Fearless Port
  • Alfie representing Fearless Starboard
  • Scott representing Wembley
  • Chris and Tyonga representing Widley

The team have had their first challenge! We manned the water station during our sponsored walk. This was a tough job which involved spinning our clackers and making as much noise as we could to cheer on our friends as they went around the school. We also handed them refreshing bottles of water to ensure they kept hydrated in the warm weather. Garth was especially good at this rushing up to flagging walkers and pepping them up with water and a smile!

SHOUT are looking forward to their first meeting on Thursday 6th October and Scott said “I want to talk with my friends and plan Christmas fun!”